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Our goal at Bee Safe is to educate homeowners so they can make an intelligent decision on how to protect appropriately and efficiently what they care about most. When it comes to the safety and security of loved ones it never hurts to be extra cautious. We specialize in security systems, hidden spaces, walk in vaults, secure safe rooms, panic rooms, hidden passageways, gun safes/ vaults, floor/ wall safes, and much more. Having a safe place for family and valuables is guaranteed protection in the event of a home invasion. Bee Safe will custom design hidden entrances and install concealed walk in vaults or safes. We also provide and install home security equipment such as security window films that are multi-faceted. The window films protect residents from harmful ultraviolet radiation and even resist home intruders attempting to gain entrance through a window.

Many security specialists use the term Safe Room instead of Panic Room to define the concept of having a secure location within your home to retreat to in the event of an intruder. The idea is simple, securing a room inside of your home where you and your family can hide safely during a home intrusion or other terrorist threat and call local authorities for help. Per law enforcement across the country, home invasions have steadily increased since 1995. According to a National statistic 1 in 5 homes will experience some sort of invasion in the US. It is our goal to provide security and the means for families to protect themselves in the event of an intrusion.


At Bee Safe Security Inc has built safe rooms in the past that are more like a walk-in bank vault or a security bunker, and some have eight-inch thick concrete walls and a concrete filled vault blast door. These additional extravagant designs are usually chosen by the home owner because they want to store such things as cash, valuable jewelry, and prized collections. We also build some that have reinforced walls and equip the room with video monitor systems, a cellular type telephone, and an alarm keypad for extra security.

Unlike what you see in the movies, most people that decide to build a safe room want one that is simply designed so they can get inside the room and trigger an alarm or call the police for help. There are multiple reasons people choose to build a safe room, with one of the most common being fear of an attack from a home intruder or even an abusive partner or spouse. Another reason safe rooms are built is celebrities, politicians or people that are in the public eye and considered to be wealthy or high risk target. There is also the horror of kidnapping for ransom or revenge, sounds like something straight out of a movie… Whatever the reason we have a room design for your need.

Many people do not realize what the chances are of a dangerous intruder finding their way into your home. The fact is, the United States is a world leader of burglary victims. There is a burglary event every 15 seconds, which adds up to 240 home invasions every hour. That’s 5,760 times a day that a criminal breaks into somebody’s home. Chances are that someday the odds will no longer be in your favor.

A home invasion is a terrifying prospect, especially if it could possibly end in loss of life. Home invasions include all types of crimes including battery, burglary, robbery, assault, rape, and murder.

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We are the experts on underground concrete bomb shelters, bunkers or whatever you like to call them. We also carry an excellent line of Northwest Shelter Systems blast doors, vault blast doors, and nuclear bio-chemical filters. Nuclear, biological, and chemical filtration (NBC) is vital to protecting you and your family from every possible dangerous threat. Many people who survive initial chemical and biological weapons attacks later succumb to the effects of breathing the contaminated air. Don’t let that happen to you, please be sure to include an NBC filtration system in your underground shelter.