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Protect Your Family with Home Security Window Bars, Window Film, and / or Alarms

It’s unfortunate that you can’t ever predict when or if someone will break into your home. What you can do is take proactive steps to guarantee that if someone tries to get in, it’ll be that much harder. By installing window and door security bars, you’ll make sure that criminals are less interested in trying to get inside your home. You’ll be able to protect your family more easily in the event disaster strikes

Window and Door Security Bars Will Ensure Your Family’s Protection

While you can’t always stop someone from attempting to break into your home, you can take precautionary steps to make sure your family is more protected in case someone does. Preparation gives you the peace of mind knowing it’s that much more difficult for perpetrators to get inside and deterring criminals is half the battle. Statistically speaking 1 in 5 homes will be intruded in the United States of America, and a home invasion happens every 15 seconds. If you believe your home might be targeted at some point by criminals – intentionally or randomly – it’s important to consider whether you should take additional security measures such as install window films, bars, or even motion detection based devices like security cameras. At the end of the day, it’s better to be prepared than to reassess what you could have done to prevent your house from getting robbed in the first place. Some things can never be replaced. Protect what is rightfully open under any circumstances. The Lunor PT-3 is designed according to the specifications of the Switzerland Office of Civil Defense.


At Bee Safe Security, Inc., we pride ourselves on meeting all of our customers’ home security needs. We see all of our projects through from conception to completion. After we work together to determine the solution that makes the most sense for your property, you can rest easy knowing the job will be completed to your specifications and satisfaction. Your safety and security are the top priority and we offer a one-stop-shop to meet your security needs. Now is the best time to prepare, call now to get started today! 208-267-0000

Window Bars

Window bars come in all designs and styles.  Some window bars are designed for protection from natural disaster while others are designed to prevent and protect from forced entry.  No matter what the application and need we have a security solution.  If you think of window bars as unappealing visually, we can design a style that fits your homes unique style or even use a shutter style window bar that can be closed at night or when you are away traveling.

Window Film

Window films are all the rage as they can change your windows appearance and simultaneously protect from forced entry.  We at Bee Safe offer window films to block out ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) and protect your sensitive skin or furniture.  UV rays can damage plastics, fade fabric, or cause skin damage after prolonged exposure.  Our variety of window films greatly reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home through large windows, tint/ color for privacy or décor, and most popular is the ability of a clear plastic film that anchors your window into the frame resulting in a barrier like window.  Windows properly installed with window films are shatter resistant to deter smash and grab thieves, buy you time if you are home during a home invasion, or keep shards of glass together during sever weather storms.  The higher quality films turn your standard glass into a bullet resistant glass up to certain caliber of firearm and are even blast resistant in the off chance of a nearby detonation.  Most residential homes would never need a blast rated window, but depending on your location and mind set it can’t hurt to be a little over prepared.


Closed circuit television systems (CCTV) are locally based surveillance systems to monitor your property and provide physical undisputable evidence of the perpetrator.  CCTV’s can help you catch and in some cases even deter criminal activity.  We offer a security camera for all your home or business needs.  We offer cameras that can be remotely accessed while you are away to check in on loved ones or be alerted to suspicious activity in real time.  We can provide a two-way audio to your cameras to give a potential criminal the scare of a lifetime as they creep through a dark back yard; or even to tell a mail courier to drop the package of on the front door step because you are indisposed, and little do they know you are half way around the world at the time.  Cameras can be hidden or exposed to deter or incriminate, and there is a camera for every application.  Thermal cameras for heavily wooded areas, cameras shaped like a clock to check on the nanny, or even a door bell camera to ‘personally’ greet everyone that sets foot on your doorstep.


Alarm Systems are another theft deterrent service we offer. Silent security alarm systems, home alarm systems, business alarm systems, or alarm systems for the physically impaired. Security alarms and motion sensors can give you peace of mind and alert you to a potential threat or even the approach of a mail courier. Wireless security systems can alert you and/or the local authorities to a potential threat and allow immediate response or simply alert people nearby and lead to theft prevention in some instances. Since 1990, our team of skilled technicians has built customized home security solutions for clients scattered across North America. We’re based in Sandpoint, Idaho and proudly serve local and national customers. With over 120 years of collective experience, our technicians have designed and built security solutions on properties in all kinds of climates. As a result, you’ll be working with experts who will advise you on decisions and solutions that make the most sense for your property. If you want to give your home the protection it needs, you’ve come to the right place. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. Don’t become a statistic and give your loved ones the peace of mind they deserve even in some very uncertain times. Contact us today at 208-267-0000 to discuss your home’s security.

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