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Hire an Advisor for your project, on an As Needed Basis.

*Get expert advice, wisdom and knowledge from an Advisor with over 30 years of experience at your disposal, as often as you need, throughout your project. Our Advisors will give you valuable knowledge, direction and advice on every aspect of your project such as:

  • Design and Planning
  • layers of security
  • Installation
  • Construction – Shelter repair
  • Product advice
  • Preparation supplies; food, medical, misc. etc.

Our advisors are overqualified, extremely knowledgeable and capable of helping you throughout any phase of your project and process and can answer any questions you have. We have the knowledge, the experience and we care that your project is completed properly throughout every phase of the process, from start to finish.

Call an experienced advisor today 208-267-0000 we look forward to assisting you.
*Our advisors have over 30+ years in the field experience.

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