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At Bee Safe Security we are dedicated to providing  the best security products and solutions to your home or business. We have trained specialized installations teams ready to install the perfect security system to fit your needs. Our teams work quickly to install your security systems so that you can begin monitoring right away.

Bee Safe Security is a leading security company that specializes in


Window film

Window bars

Nanny Cams

Residential CCTV systems

Commercial CCTV systems

Early warning systems

Alarm systems

Secure access locks

Personal defense items

If it deals with security, we cover it.  Bee Safe Security is a family oriented business that prides itself in innovative and confidential solutions to the societal issues we all face.  Whether it’s preserving the possessions you hold close or defending the loved ones you would do anything to protect, we at Bee Safe offer a solution fit for your needs.  Our area of focus is the Inland Northwest region from Spokane Washington up through Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Sandpoint Idaho, Bonners Ferry Idaho, and reaches over into Libby Montana.

Bee Safe Security is here for you, to educate you on the solutions available to keep you and your family safe from the uncertainties of modern society.  We strive to help everyone become educated and aware of the current threats and assist in the forming of productive solutions custom fit for your situation.  We are happy to help you, so you can make well-educated decisions concerning your security needs.

CCTV systems (closed-circuit television) can give you the flexibility to maintain a private network viewable only to you inside the monitored location; or the freedom of keeping an eye on your family, home, and/or business from anywhere at any time via mobile device.  We have a variety of home surveillance and business security products that can beef up an existing home security system or custom design a security system from the ground up.

We offer a wide variety of hidden security camera solutions designed to bust the unsuspecting thief, and hidden nanny cams to keep an eye on your children and their caretaker while you’re required to be away.  Whatever the need we have both wired and wireless camera system solutions.

Call us today to speak to a security consultant and schedule your residential or commercial site evaluation 208-267-0000.

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