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Bee Safe Security, Inc.: Your Source for Blast Hatches for Underground Shelters

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where catastrophic events are even possible. But as conflicts spread across the globe, it’s only a matter of time before the next unthinkable event occurs. You can’t prevent disaster from occurring. But by building an underground bomb shelter, you can make sure your family is safe no matter what terrible events take place. When you decide to build an underground bomb shelter, it’s important to find the highest quality components. That way, you can ensure your family’s maximum safety and comfort in any situation. The most formidable bomb shelters feature both blast-resistant doors and blast hatches. In the event something is blocking your shelter’s door, blast hatches provide a second means of entry into the world when things on the outside return back to normal.

BRH Hatch

Blast Hatches for Sale

If you’re looking for blast hatches for bomb shelters, you’ll find what you need at Bee Safe Security, Inc. Our comprehensive selection of blast hatches includes:

BRH Hatch — Designed to mount on vertical shafts, these hatches are made of 100% steel, with no materials added to the metal during construction. The hatch seals completely, ensuring the quality of the air inside your shelter is not compromised by nuclear, biological or chemical agents.

BSS-RBH-01 Emergency Escape Hatch — Made right here in America, this hatch offers an emergency escape option. The addition of this hatch guarantees that you have a safe exit in the event an earth shift or debris prevents you from leaving your shelter through the door.

BSS Duel Door Emergency Hatch — Featuring compression locks that provide extra security, this hatch was designed for ceiling installation to an outlet under a floor, like a garage or shed. Formidable and easy to install, this hatch is one of the best products on the market


We’ll Guide Your Project From Conception to Completion

When you choose Bee Safe Security, Inc. for your home security needs, you’ll benefit from our team’s extensive experience. Since 1990, we have built shelters on all kinds of properties and in all kind of climates — our experts will be able to advise you on the best options for your specific situation.You don’t have to worry about taking on a project that’s too big, either. Our technicians will see your project through from conception to completion, so you can be confident knowing your underground shelter will be built to your exact specifications.Contact our team today. We’ll meet your precise security needs while staying within your budget.

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