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At Bee Safe Security, we have made it our mission to provide people with safety and security. We have provided the highest quality security services since 1990

BEE Safe security is the Master Distributor for Northwest Shelter Systems Vault Blast doors and Hatches

Northwest Shelter Systems – Specializing in hidden underground bomb shelter construction and supplies.
Disaster Bunkers- Specializing in hidden underground bunker construction and supplies.
Online Survival Supplies – Providing emergency survival supplies online.
Blast Doors and NBC Filters Supplies – Provides blast doors and hatches, NBC/CRBN filtration systems and other bomb shelter supplies.
Our combined companies experiences in security insures our worthiness to consult on your projects. Contact our office today to learn more (208)267-0000. Thank you.

Bee Safe Security: Your Bomb Shelter Consultors

It’s horrible that we live in a world where we must prepare ourselves for the possible event of a nuclear explosion. To think such things are even possible is terrifying. However, you can’t take the chance and ignore today’s realities. Instead, we must take action in case the need to protect our families and loved ones arises.
Since 1990, Bee Safe Security has fixated on our mission to provide customers with nuclear bomb shelters products of the highest quality through Northwest Shelter Systems. Their specialists have traveled all over North America designing and constructing customized fallout shelters. You can be self-assured knowing you’ll benefit from a combined 120 years of collective industrial experience.
When you choose Bee safe Security as your underground bunker consultants, our team members will work for you. We don’t tell you what contractors to use, you choose with your family and privacy in mind.
We can effectively consult you in where to place your underground concrete bomb shelter in the area you prefer but the idea is to keep it hidden and disguised so in the event that you need it, you and your family will be safe. Unfortunately we live in a world today where if someone else knows where your underground concrete bomb shelter is hidden, they might feel and take action upon the fact their family is more important than yours. It is horrible to have to think that the people we call friends, neighbors and even associates can be that way but if you are going to protect your family, we need to protect the location of your shelter too. So that is the main reason why the entrance to your shelter should be hidden and or disguised in an area you can access easily but also looks inconspicuous to anybody else. We have years of experience in doing just that. Some of the entrances we have built have been elevators that go in a floor in the house that descends down to the tunnel of the hidden survival shelter. After it was finished and the elevator was in place the top of it was disguised to match the design of the woodwork on the floor. No one could tell it was there without physically being shown. We have also constructed entrances hidden behind walls down in basements, through the floors in garden or tool sheds. We have also blended entrances in leading to underground concrete bunkers from horse barns, attached or detached garages and we have even went through a few old small used tornado shelters. If you consider all the safety things you automatically do today for the protection of your family such as, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you have installed in your home, the seat belts you put on in your car or truck, life jackets on a boat, locking your doors and windows at night, even teaching your children about the dangers of talking to or trusting strangers. It is unfortunately just a part of life anymore that we have to concern ourselves about what other people might do, but we have to for the safety of our family. So take the chance? You take the time, put in the effort and spend your hard earned money to build a hidden fallout shelter to protect your family. Why take the chance and let people know about it that could compromise the safety of your family that you just worked so hard to acquire? That is why we take great pride in keeping your privacy your business.

Protecting Your Privacy and the Security of your Family is Our Concern!

We help protect your privacy and the security of your family. If you choose to buy a prefabricated or any kind of pre-built shelter you will have to have it delivered to your site. That is at least 1 or 2 people at your location that now knows what you are having hidden there. Then you will also have to have a crane with an operator to take it off the truck and place in the desired spot in the ground, that adds 1 or 2 more local individuals who now knows it’s there and the location of it. You also have to bury it in the ground which means again another 1 or possibly 2 local operators with the equipment to dig the hole where you want to locate it and then bury it. And after you have buried it in the ground, you will need to have concrete brought out to your location and poured over the prefabricated structure, this will again include more local people who now know what you have buried, where it is located and most probably where the entrance to it will be located. Then think about the probability some of those workers will go home or back to the office and mention it to a buddy, spouse, relative and or colleague. I mean seriously, someone putting in a underground hidden shelter, that’s a pretty interesting topic for someone who doesn’t do it all the time. That is a lot of local people that now know where you are hiding your families safety and security. Not to mention, who is going to finish the inside? If you have local workers come inside to install the Vault blast doors, NBC filtration systems and the finishing work you will need. How many local people are we up to now? So if you want to keep your privacy, let us at Bee Safe Security take care of it for you.

This is generally how an underground concrete bomb shelter is born.

  • You contact Bee Safe Security; we answer all your questions and concerns. We will help you to understand the process and what you might expect with the building of an underground concrete shelter.
  • You think about it and decide to take the next step. You request one of our experienced engineers to come out to your location for a site evaluation.
  • One of our experts comes to you and inspects the location where you want to hide your shelter. They go over the size you want it to be, where you want to enter your shelter from and how it will be disguised (through basement, garage, tool shed, elevator, etc.). They will go over all of your questions and concerns, walk you through the process of constructing your new shelter, what you are looking for in a contractor and the approximately what the bomb shelter should cost
  • After the site evaluation and you have made the decision to proceed with protecting your family with a hidden underground concrete NBC shelter, we will then send out an experienced engineer to your site to go over the construction with your contractor. We send an engineer depending on the consulting package you have chosen, a couple days with your contractor then phone consultation or full time consultant from start to finish.
  • We welcome you to be involved every inch of the way (not working of course). We want you to feel encouraged to watch, ask any questions and make reasonable changes while the work is in progress.

Don’t settle on just anyone to be your Bomb Shelter Consultant At Bee Safe Security,

we provide a higher level of quality and protection that cannot be compared. To guarantee that, our NBC shelters feature an NBC air filtration system, water purifying pumps, very cozy living areas, secondary entrances and hidden passages.
It’s hard to imagine, but the shelters we have constructed are more like underground homes. You’ll enjoy many of the comforts you are already used to: like a fully functional kitchen, operational bathrooms with showers, and cozy bedrooms – even walk-in closets. These rooms can be completely personalized up to color of the paint on the walls and the kind of carpeting or tiling we use, so you and your family will enjoy maximum comfort in the event the unthinkable happens. We have all of the knowledge and equipment you need that with our consulting experts, any contractor can make this happen.
As a registered government contractor, you can have confidence in the quality of our equipment and the specialists we provide. You should accept nothing less than the best, so our company works very hard to make sure you are fully satisfied with everything we provide.
Customized Nuclear Bomb Shelters Constructed to Your Specifications
The security requirements of your home and or business are completely different than those of other structures. Northwest Shelter Systems provides us many options blueprints  for underground concrete nuclear bomb shelters. All plans are custom-designed by an structural engineer architect, they take in to account your property’s conditions in order to be dependable with the climate, the terrain, your security needs and your budget.
Take the initiative now towards protecting your family, your loved ones and or your employees in the incident that a disaster happens. Our specialists will help you see your plans through from conception to completion, so you don’t have to concern yourself with undertaking a project your not sure a general contractor can handle on their own.
We work on jobs of all sizes, and we’re dedicated to helping you accomplish your vision no matter how big or how small it is. The Bee Safe Security team is ready to answer all your questions you might have and to help you have a better understanding about your security options. Contact us today!
Do you want to move forward and take that step to protect your family or business but not you’re not really sure how? Just give us a call and we will help you through it. Not concerned about a nuclear occurrence but still want to protect your family from other dangerous threats? There are many different levels of protection you can choose from. Maybe you just want a safe room to retreat to in-case of an intruder.
What is a safe room (Panic room)? A panic room is an alternative name for a safe room. Most security professionals use the term Safe Room instead of Panic Room to describe the idea of having a high security area within your home. The idea is rather easy, we build you a hidden room inside of your own home where you and your family can safely hideaway during a home invasion or other perilous threat and call the police for help.
Don’t get your notions from the movies, most families want a safe room that is basically built to give them adequate time to get inside, lock the vault door and trigger an alarm or call the police for help. There are abundant reasons for a safe room, with one of the most common being fear of an personal attack from a home invasion criminal or even an abusive spouse. Other reasons can be but not limited the fear of robbery and or the horror of kidnapping for ransom or revenge.
Have you ever considered what the statistics are that a dangerous intruder will find his or her way into your home?
Just about daily in the USA in the news there is a story of a home invasion that turned into murder. What could be more terrifying or deadly than a home invasion, especially if it could result in murder?
Home invasion, includes crimes such as burglary, robbery, battery, assault, rape and of course murder.
• There is a home invasion that occurs every 15 seconds.
• One out of five of those homes there is someone who is victimized by that intruder in some form or a violent crime including murder.

These are shocking statistics. The hardened criminals that usually make up these intruders seem to know that even if your home has a security system; most people will not activate it until they are going to bed. Therefore, the best time to invade your home is before bedtime, which increases the risk for the burglary to end in a violent manner or even murder.
Home Invasions
A burglar or intruder typically is characteristically a stoned faced, weapon bearing, hardcore criminal, and they put you and your family at their mercy. If you do not meet their demands, such as giving them your keys, precious treasures, cash or whatever it is they demand, the end result will most likely be violent and/or even fatal.
The suspect quite often will come in right through your front door, pretty crazy huh? If the alarm has not been activated or if you do not have one, then it is very easy. While some burglars will just kick the door open, others may just knock or ring the doorbell. Astonishing right? I bet you never assumed that somebody wanting to burglarize your home would be so daring as to come calling like they were your comrade or welcomed guest?
According to some statistics, robbers will even dress up like a delivery man, the cable guy, a maintenance worker or even a police officer or undercover detective to sucker you into allowing them access into your home. Many have gone so far as to pretend that their vehicle broke down and they really need you to let them use your phone to call for a service truck. They sometimes even go so far as to tell you that they have children waiting for them in that car so you will feel sorry for them and perhaps not use your best judgment. These hardened criminals have made a life out of tricking innocent people and they know how to do it well.
Here at Bee Safe Security we treat you like we want to be treated. When we buy something, we want the high quality we paid for; we cannot afford to throw our money away. So we give you the same superiority and respect that we ourselves require. At Bee Safe Security we only give you the utmost excellence, whether you just want a small hidden safe room, or you want a fully well-designed turnkey underground concrete NBC nuclear bomb shelter. We are here for you when you are ready to take the next step and provide a safe structure for your loved ones, rest assured you are in good hands.

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